Sunday, December 13, 2020

Christmas Program Sneak Peak by Suzanna Swenson

 As a child, I observed advent with my family devotions, singing Christmas carols in the dark of our living room, lit only by the glow of Christmas tree lights and the candlelight from our advent wreath, a light that grew stronger each week closer to Christmas. Because of this, the meditative stillness of candlelit services are still some of my most favorite of all worship

Another, often less quiet, way I meditate in Advent is by preparing Christmas programs. For the weeks leading to Christmas, rehearsals send me reading and reciting a varied
combination of Luke, Matthew, and the old testament prophets. In doing so, I am meditating again on these truths. Last year, it was as though I was reading Micah 5:3 for the first time, which led me to reflect that even when I feel abandoned, I can trust that the truth of the matter is that God is always faithful. This year, Luke 2:19 stands out: Mary pondered all these things in her heart; what would God want me to be pondering deeply in my life?

This year, preparing for the Christmas program was different than it has been in the past.
There were no weeks of practice, no helping children memorize Scripture or songs. But there was still meditation on Scripture -- what photograph do we take to share Luke 2:1? How do we share Luke 2:9, showing the glory of the Lord when the angel arrives?

(Included here are behind the scenes pictures of the children involved this year.) Once it is complete, our program will be shared next Sunday during both worship services and here on the website. It is my
prayer that it will bless you in the watching as much as I have been blessed in the making.