Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Windows by Dotty Hedquist

One morning several weeks ago I was looking out the window of my room at Bethany Home, and I saw a beautiful male cardinal sitting on a branch of a tree nearby. I had never seen a cardinal in such close visibility before, and I was thrilled by the sight. The cardinal’s mate was there, so it was a nesting pair! I thought about other important windows that have meaning for us.

We have recently had one of the windows from the onion-domed church refurbished and displayed in the Heritage Room. That building was the first to stand on this corner to proclaim the Gospel and although she is gone now, that church was where my mother’s journey of faith began.

In 1929, our present church was built, and the windows on the north and south sides have a reminder of the onion-dome architecture. In the south entry, there a memorial window of Jesus welcoming the children. This reminds us that to enter the Kingdom of God we must become as little children.

One night several years ago when I was still teaching HIS Kids I was waiting in the car when I looked up and saw the lighted altar window of the resurrected Jesus among the lilies with His arms outstretched saying, “Come unto Me.” On that dark winter night I prayed that someone (who might be me or any of us) would see Jesus and be touched to respond to His loving invitation.
Perhaps we can be a window for someone else to be drawn closer to Jesus Christ.
—Dorothy (Dotty) Hedquist